Have you ever considered how powerful Retinal Image Screening can be?

Since the beginning of November (14 days ago!), Drs. Dan and Zach have made numerous prompt referrals to retinal specialist based on screenings alone. At Advanced Vision of Louisville we have found the use of our new Optomap Daytona to be so much more than simply imaging. The ability to compare the eyes year to year in monitoring changes, and the Daytona’s unique Autoflurouscene has turned this fantastic piece of equipment into a prominent tool in our practice and has changed the way Drs. Dan and Zach treat and manage special cases.

“What has been fascinating to learn with this tool is the number of young 25 to 40 year old patients who

decline retinal imaging basing their decision on their age. The interesting piece to this is the fact that this has been the age group that I have referred the most so far. What I am finding are various forms of retinal holes and small tears that I could have likely missed on routine examination.”–Dr. Zach

As we grow we wiser, we are more susceptible to illness due to advanced age. This does not leave the young immune to retinal complications! Holes, tears and detachments may be found at any life stage and are associated more with a persons prescription rather than age. A nevus, which is similar to a mole, is a very common finding in our practice. These are found in children and adults alike. Much like the mole, we must monitor annually for change in size, shape, color, border which could be an indication for metastasis.

Along with the capability for monitoring these findings, we can also monitor changes in macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, vitreous detachments, floaters, hypertension and glaucoma. So again we ask you, have you ever considered how powerful Retinal Image Screenings can be?