Nowadays we all seem to be spending more time in front of a computer. Technology is a wonderful thing! The only problem is that working at a computer is stressful on the eyes! And on the neck and shoulders! This is because the vast majority of all computer screen positions do not take ergonomics into consideration (they’re not comfortable)!

It is common for computer workers to experience blur, eye strain, eye discomfort, tired eyes, eyes that sting or burn or feel dry. These common symptoms have resulted in an official diagnosis to describe the condition: “Computer Vision Syndrome.”

There are many causes of Computer Vision Syndrome. Looking at a computer screen through glasses which are mainly for distance vision can cause blur, eye fatigue, and headaches.

If the screen is at eye level (most are), even the use of traditional progressive lenses can cause these symptoms because when the eyes look straight ahead at the screen they are looking through that part of the lenses which are for distance vision (and yet the screen is only about 24 inches away)! As a result, progressive lens wearers can be seen tilting their heads back in order to look through a lower part of the lens where the “power” is more suited for nearer objects. This head tilt causes neck and shoulder aches.

Another problem is that we tend to stop blinking when we work at a computer! This causes the eyes to dry out, leading to a burning, stinging, tired feeling in the eyes.

Research of the ergonomics of computer work has helped eye doctors develop guidelines for better posture, lighting, and positioning of the screen when working at a computer. We have newer lenses for special “computer glasses” which allow for normal, comfortable posture and clear vision at the computer.

If you do a lot of computer work, be sure to mention this at your next visit.